Pockets of Peace :-)

20 Nov 2017

I want to tell you something important about the future of OMNIA please SHARE this news:

Jenny and me have decided to do something wondrous and new because the time is ripe for it and we simply have to.
The world, the enviroment and the human condition is changing very fast around us and we need to adapt with it in a positive way to give it a positive twist ;-)

We thought we could change the natural world around us by making our Musick , creating the Paganfolk music scene and inventing, building and playing many many festivals all over the world… spreading the word about the spirits…as much as possible…every single year of our life.
But we now see that all this is an illusion, the world will get no lasting benefit from "make believe" places like these, they are but fleeting momements…

So... Now we are going into a new phase of our life to realise ONE of our BIGGEST wishes ever...  it's an ambitious one...  a wish I've been carrying inside me since becoming a teenaged Eco-Anarchist and budding "Earth Warrior" back in the 1980's. A wish Jenny has shared with me from the moment we met
Jenny and me are going to try to create an "OMNIA NATURE RESERVE" ... a place where wild Plants, Trees and Animals  as well as our Musick/Shamanism (AND us) can find a Home...

OMNIA is moving into a new phase of our ongoing story of Art and Creativity by conceptualising a completely "new" way of making live musick and presenting a truly unique shamanic experience for YOU in an actual Nature Reserve, where we can perform very special 100% acoustic, Shamanic concerts for small select  audiences of YOU.
But we will not just perform special live OMNIA concerts there in this imagined land we see ... we want to do more...
we want to make an island of Sustainability, Peace and Constructive thought within the human Madness and Destruction of the 3rd millenium. A special and beautifull place where we (and others like us) can share mind, knowledge and Art together within the sheltered wings of Mother Nature. A place we must make with our own hands.
A new bigger version of the OMNIA-venue we called "the Pagan Attick" so many years ago.
This would be a true "Pagan-OMNIA-Land”; where we can finally give back to the Earth and to YOU some of the many gifts we have received through the last decennia of OMNIA... a place where we can let the land grow wild, where we can really be ourselves… and where we can pass on our knowledge and teach:
workshops about life and Nature
about making pure musick,
about playing pure instruments,
about practical shamanism and spirituality and what this can do for your life,
about health, healing and survival in the hard times we live in and times to come...

A Pocket of Peace...

To find and make this magickal place, we need Time and we also need Support from YOU.
The TIME we need will come from the fact that after we finish our theatre tour in March, we will NOT play ANY festival-shows at all for the rest of the year 2018!!! (except one*)

We are honoured that we have been offered headliner positions on very many big festivals in very many different countries and on almost EVERY continent of this planet!! We will not accept any of these bookings however.
Every band I know would have started drooling at the sheer amount of offers we have now (and which keep coming in) .
But respectfully ...we have declined them ALL... every single one of them.
We could use the money, but we don't do this for money
We enjoy the attention, but we don't do this for ego
We need Time…Not touring with our live-band gives us Time.
Don’t worry, it’s only going to be temporary and don’t forget what I always say:
 NOTHING is Sacred...ONLY Nature
(If any of you ever doubted the fact that we really are non-commercial people and that we really do NOT do things in the "normal" music business way, doubt it no more ... here is your proof ;-))

We still have THE LAST OMNIA SHOWS  for the coming months already planned ,which ofcourse we will do with EXTRA joy and love because we will have to miss seeing thousands of YOU for ages aswell! :-(
but anyway
We will play 1 clubshow in Holland next week (already sold out)
We will play 3 clubshows in Czech, Slovakia December 2017 (almost sold out)
Then we will play 15 theatreshows in Holland Februariy/March 2018 (tickets still available)

And then ... NO MORE OMNIA LIVE SHOWS (untill the end of 2018)
we will ofcourse produce more musick-videos and new CD's next year, because Creation is our life!

But in the meantime…

Stenny needs peace, Stenny needs time to search, to build, to plan.
We have made a temporary "pocket of peace" for ourselves, so we can try to build a very ambitious and permanent "Pocket of Peace" for ALL of us!

The SUPPORT that you can give us (apart from simply buying some of our merchandise every once in a while ;-)) will come in the form a crowd-funding project (involving a rather large pile of OMNIA collector's items a.o.), as well as practical assistence in which YOU can participate in helping us (but more about those subjects later).

Phew! long blog!
Greenz and stuff

pic by Samantha Evans

*PS: OMNIA will play 1 VERY LUCKY festival in the summer next year, which will get the EXCLUSIVE of being the ONLY festival IN THE WORLD to have an OMNIA live-show in 2018!
Jenny and me still really want to do this one, because it has been our favourite festival for very many years now and we are honour-bound to play there every year ... can you guess which festival in which country I mean?