The Quest part 3: “A glimmer of Hope"

26 Nov 2019

Winter's breath blew icy from the North as the exhausted couple bravely struggled on over the despairing lands through wind and weather in their endless search for Sanctuary.

No matter how long the road, no matter how hard the going got, they had no choice but to continue to journey's end.
Through summer's heat of deserts foreign, through winters' bone chilling cold on mountain high, from the dark mysteries of the deep forests to the skywide space of the open seas...

Ever searching

They were committed to follow through with the quest they had embarked upon so long ago.
The mission imprinted upon them by the Spirits of Life and Nature.

Forsaking the safe life of mundane predictability in search of true adventure, pure Life and the lost world of their ancestors.

Their gaese, their honour and the strict Pagan code they lived by, kept hearts true whenever the weariness of the world would threaten to overcome their spiritual resolve.

These weary limbs had carried their bodies so far, these opened eyes had seen so much ... endlessly roaving the varied lands of the Earth, searching, searching...

Searching for that which was lost
Searching for truth
Searching for Sanctuary

He told Her:
I grow weary my Love,
I think this spirit body will not make it much farther on this red road.
Only my Love for You keeps me tied to this plane of existence, for I feel our quest is hopeless.
The others have destroyed this world beyond hope.
We are come too late.
We will not find that which we seek in this Life
I love you so and wish not to leave you alone here, but I fear I cannot go on and must lay down.

She spoke to him thus:
My Love do not despair
I know you are weary for so am I
I feel your despair for I hear it's banshee howl in the distance too
But I will NOT lie down by the roadside to perish in defeat

I am strong and yet you are stronger though the hurt of the world makes you forget this

Take strength from my eyes that shine with the coming dawn

Take nourishment from the warm embrace of my arms

Let my soft lips breathe the air of life and resolve into your wavering soul

Now stop whining like a little schoolgirl and look up

You see that light up ahead?

That is hope my love

Walk with me toward it my love, don't despair for while we are together we are unstoppable...
are unstoppable...