A Quick blog...about not Blogging ;-)

7 Apr 2023

So... the weather is great at the moment,
so (as nature-huggie-eco-veggie-farmers) we have a lot of work to do!

It's spring!
Raised beds need to be made and filled with earth and straw and shit and branches and compost ,
grow boxes need building...
the land needs levelling  to build a few higher (covered) tomato beds...
and all the (ahem) flowers need attention and sowing...
Boy oh boy oh boy!
What a lot of cool stuff to do!

Doing a complete theatre tour (which is what we normally did around this time of year) is peanuts compared to this amount of work!

And it's so peacefull, with the Ravens and the Hawks sailing overhead,
the Deer in the field, the smell of earth and compost...
The feel of the wild wind through the mountains...

So we are busy busy busy as feck! (in a good way!, in a very cool, enjoyable, happy way, no stress of course, just physical work)

But ...
sadly not much time to write earth-shattering blogs full of wit and wonder... we're too pooped!

When the sun goes down and we are done for the day, we just have a fresh cider, smoke some, and stare at the fire with a big smile on our faces and try to stay awake untill it's time to go to bed.

The blogs of deep 'stuff' will happen (haha!) when the weather turns to slush and storm again (which will probably be soon).

Also to my dear letter-writing pen-pals out there who I didn't get to replying yet (you know who you are),
Thanx so much for the letters (all of them)! Keep it up!
No worries... I will reply to YOU very soon!
(on that upcoming rainy day)


Hugs and Green home-stead thingz!

Steve Sic