25 Sep 2017

(What to do with 21 years of original PAGANFOLK memories?)

We've been cleaning out our storage dungeon (where we keep all the old OMNIA cd's and goodies)
And look what we found!!

All sorts of ancient OMNIA stuff!
from the BIRTH of PAGANFOLK! 
Original very first 2003 pressing OMNIA tee-shirts! (From the very first 100 ever pressed, With the first official omnia logo I ever made on them)

Tonnes of original print Posters dating back to that time and onward!

A few Boxes of Our first (OUT OF PRINT) cd's from that time and onwards (so I'm talking actual originals, not reprints)!)
"Sine Missione" (1996-2002) and

"Beltaine" (jenny's first harp cd from 2000)

"Omnia 3" (the first cd of Jenny and Steve together from 2003)

"Live Religion" (2004,including very cute live acoustic songs together with Faun)

the original WolfLove double disc-gold embossed cd (which still included a music and interview dvd then!)

The PAGAN FOLKLORE BOOK/DVD (2008) the fairytale book I wrote and illustrated about the band including the live-dvd recorded at one of the old OMNIA Fairyballs...

Old patches , flyers, buttons...
What to do with all this stuff?

Should we put all these magic memories in the OMNIA webstore as "collectors items" so that those of you who are interested in these very limited amounts of omnia history can get them for your own collection? ( that would be on a "first come, first served" basis)

Or should we try to auction them online?

What do YOU guys think?
Anybody of YOU interested? :-)
We checked them all on the worldwideweb to see what people are asking for these rare items... (the ones you can still find for sale on specialist sites that is) and some of these old collectors items were being offered for truly very fecking EXTREMELY expensive prices!)
(Embarrasingly expensive for our old handmade paganfolk actually!)

Anyway... I've written too many words now... most of you have zoned out and are probably clicking away on your social media messages by now ;-)

So, just tell me... are YOU interested in owning some History?

Greeenthingzzz and memories from the birth of an alternative nature-based music scene!

Pic by Sidhenearlahi the mysterious


YES ! we are interestet ! we love ancient stuff and espacially needfull things like patches or buttons. perhaps there is one wolf-love-t-shirt ? we missed you on MPS but we understand your decision and it made us more thinking about mother earth and our daily behavior. you give so much positive energy ! and everytime when we wear your t-shirts or carry your bags or hear your musick, we can feel it ! YES, we want the stuff ! bring it on ! in the shop or in an auction, but bring it on !
love and hugs

hi guys,
oh how i know these times of clearing out. We live in a cute little stone cottage which is always stuffed til under the roof with kids things, music, herbs and arts'n'crafts. SO a regular clear out is just a must. only difference is, there is not much as valuable as this with you, really. :)
Now, as you can see, I'm not on my social media waste timer, as I dont have any..hihi :) But, I would think "collectors item" might be a nicer way. Firstly, I would think, not everyone is made for auction and probably puts off people. Most likely those who really really really would love having and honor it. Who comes first is fairer, I believe, where everyone has the same change. Where at auction, those, who can offer the most will cut those with limits off. Not sure about this. SO, think about it, it shouldnt be about the money value. It is a treasure what youre putting out there, and everyone should get the same chance. Just my opinion :)
Anyway, I hope your trip to london was a success? Strange to think, you were just across the water, Looked out from our coast but couldnt see you ..hihi.. :)
Many greeting and blessings from eire

I would also be interested in some of the items...hope that there is a possibility to buy them without being a member of Facebook, as I am not. Bring them to the Eindhoven concert!

...ach, and bring the Ivy Leaf Purse (Deluxe) also, I would really like to own one of these.

I would go for try to auction them online...

If you would sell them in your shop some would go for auction later anyway
and auction is more fun :) 1..2..3..
If you afraid it would look too greedy you can give 50% to charity
which makes it even more fun when you can help your favorite pagan folk band
and donate to some important earth rescue project


Hey omnia
Ich hätte Interesse an ein paar Sachen. Ich suche seit längerem nach der paganfolklore aber auch die alten CDs die man nicht mehr im Handel bekommt. Es wäre schön wenn ich meine Sammlung vervollständigen könnte liebe grüße Dominik. Meine email Adresse childofbodom81@gmail.com
Ps: sorry my english is Not so good, thats the reason why i Worte in german

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