Ravens and Wolves... just like us

3 Dec 2017

These wonderous fellow creatures are the spirit level by which I measure the struggle between Nature (the planet/ the Bio-sphere) and her unfortunate skin disease (Humanity).

These highly intelligent and emotional social creatures are sacred to our ancestors and to our tribe, but Not to all humans... That's why they have been plotted against, persecuted, harassed and hunted into near-extinction in the most brutal way by our "fellow humans" ... (like us)
they have not ALL gone forgood ... some are still here... like us
they are tough survivors ... like us
they are wild and avoid the mutant monkeys ... like us
they are teachers... like us
they are Nature care-takers ... like us
Where Nature starts to heal, you find Wolves and Ravens ... (and us!)
So for Stenny they are a symbol of the return to the wild and the good way to live!

That's the reason why the WOLF and the RAVEN are on the new OMNIA pagan goodies we have been making for you, which are being printed right now and will arrive in our merch-store ...VERY soon! ... and yes, there will be shirts, stickers, patches AND Hoodies!... I do listen to YOU sometimes ya know!

Nothing is sacred...Only Nature

Greenthingz! , Ahoooooooooooooooooo! and Croc! Croc!

pic by Sic