Real Adventure! (How brave are YOU?)

23 May 2019

We feel the need to hasten our personal and spiritual "Epic Quest for a new OMNIA-home" a bit...

It's taking too long to find
"that perfect place", we're getting restless.Human insanity is growing ,we need to act soon.

So, In a quite brutal effort to lay the fire beneath our own heels, we have SOLD our Stennystudio in Holland... yup... it's true, the little Pagan Stenny house in the shrinking dutch forest soon has a new owner and will be just another part of OMNIA's long and varied history (like the Pagan Attic!)

Jenny and me were getting way too fat, comfortable and lazy there amongst the squirrels and the trees to keep on looking. So,we needed to help the forces of nature a little.

Sometimes you just need to break all those safe little habits ,people and places you have grown used to... so that the real energy of LIFE may flow again. (For better or for worse)

And now THAT has happened!
the clock is ticking for us!
Our bridges are burned, our future is completely unknown ... all I know is that We have just three months to find a new place for Stenny and OMNIA to live ...
And it feels GREAT! (and a little scary!)

Today We're starting out on the road again in our trusty OMNIA-van: "the Black Beauty Beast" , in which we will be living as this epic adventure unfolds...
We have three months to find, claim and inhabit a place in Nature where we and OMNIA can belong.
(A place where YOU can visit us!)

We have done many crazy, impulsive, unusual, daring, possibly unwise but very exciting, chaotic and courageous deeds in the past...

BUT this step is definately the craziest, with NO safety net...
but such is Life!
Such is Nature!

So, what will the future hold for OMNIA and Stenny? Who knows? We'll let our dreams (and our runes) guide us...
Let's see how and where we end up! :-)

how about YOU?
The world is changing, FAST!
what are YOU willing to change?
How brave are YOU?

Greenthingz and true (non fictional) adventure!
Stenny on the road

Ps: beautifull, natural Slovenia is the country where we are now going to check out a whole bunch of properties...
if you have any ideas let us know