THIS is a REAL Pagan Backstage!!

29 Jul 2013
THIS is a REAL Pagan Backstage!!

Woooow! what a night!… This is us hanging out in the most beautifull backstage ever her at Faerieworlds festival in Oregon… I'm glad we have the private OMNIA-tipi to keep our (slightly hungover) pagan heads cool… Today we will play the mainstage again with a set of more the more poetic pieces of our PaganFolk… We're so very happy that the AMAZING audience here has such a strong reaction to our pure PaganFolk musick, seeing as itr's our first time here in the USA...

and for all you people on the festival terrain today… YES!!! there are lots of OMNIA CD's and shirts available at Faeriewolrds, but they're hidden away in the information tent … just keep looking! ;-)
Hokahey and bring on the peace-pipe!

XXX big chief sitting-SteveSic
Jenny plays-sweetly-Harp-Faery… 
(picture by Sascha-Soundfinger)