Recording Joe Hennon!!

26 Nov 2013

(another Earth Warrior aboard!)

Today we are recording in the Stenny studio in the forest... And guess who's playing guitar? It's our old friend Joe Hennon (from the most execellent Irish/Scottish trad-folk band Shantalla) Joe played guitar in OMNIA with Jenny and me for quite some years... (you'll know his typical guitar sound from our older OMNIA albums like PaganFolk, World of OMNIA and Wolf Love).

And now he's back as our honoured guest ... bringing with him the one and only classic DADGAD Guitar sound for some of the new trax on our upcoming album "EARTH WARRIOR"...

Yesterday we were just jammin' on the songs , smokin' and talking like a bunch of old troopers about life, musick, nature and family... (as one does) ...and now after a refreshing night's sleep in our forest shack... we work!

The breakfast stuff has been cleared away... the recording gear switched on.... and mr. Hennon is gettin' serious behind the mics (which ofcourse are all set-up and controlled by our sweet multi talented "sister of sound" Fieke.

While I am tappin' keys and writing to YOU...I'll keep you updated on how thingz go!

Greenz, Friendzz and Stringzzz!!
Shaman SteveSic pic by sic