Reflexions has arrived....

6 Mar 2018

Look at what was delivered to us today!!!
The new “Reflexions” CD is here and it looks (and sounds) awesome. We have been cuddling it all day :-)

But now we were thinking, since we are our own bosses, and nobody from a big multinational company is telling us what to do, that we could possibly just start selling it before the official release date…(which is in more than 3 weeks time so it’s gonna take for-ever…)

Like tomorrow night in the theatre in Apeldoorn…

And (at the end of this week) online from our webshop….

What do you think? Would you possibly like that?

If there are enough people that like this idea, we might be persuaded to consider it ;-)

…so? Let us know!

Greenthings and Silver swirlies
Jenny & Steve Sic