Remember the dead...

4 May 2018

Today is Dutch remembrance day for all the humans who died during the 2nd worldwar, but

We do our own ritual of respect and remembrance to honour all the countless billions of ANIMALS who died horribly and pointlessly during this man-made orgy of destruction.

Since then ,Man had "learned" his lesson not to brutally slay millions of his OWN kind.
When will he learn to stop doing the same thing to ALL the other beautifull beings who share this planet with us?

Remember the Others...

Greenthingz on ghostly wingz!


I question how much man has learned about slaying his own kind. Pythagoras reminds us that if we keep killing animals and lower beings we will never stop killing ourselves. But it is good that the Dutch remember and respect animals. The world would do its self a favor if it did. The small check is in the mail ;) Love you guys.

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