Roadtrip to Bulgaria (part 4)

9 Jun 2018
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"Over Hill and Under Hill"

We're powering over AND under the Misty Mountains (aka: Alps) in our trusty Black Beauty on a journey that would take weeks (or possibly even months) on foot.

We got rid of the Dwarves last night , they really moaned and complained too much...!

so when the rock wall cracked open at midnight, they were taken by Goblins before you could say "rocks and blocks"
And as we saw them dragged into Goblin city with many a Pinch! nab!
And "ho ho! My lad!"
We thought:
"Fuck 'em!... let them be taken as orc food! greedy untrustworthy feckers, only interested in gold and money! Haha! ;-)
And the road goes ever on...


Pic by mr Baggins