Roadtrip Bulgaria (part 5)

9 Jun 2018

After passing through the misty mountains and mirkwood (where we had a minor encounter with some giant spiders that turned out fine because the Dwarves weren't with us anymore to let us stray from the path)
we rolled through beautifull Slovenia and have now stopped for the night in the gorgeous countryside of Hrvatska (which the rest of the world oddly refers to as "Kroatia") in the lovely ancient village of Čigoč.
Čigoč is a place that seems to have as many nesting Storks as it does people! (the Romans already wrote about the fact that Storks have settled here since FOREVER to nest and raise their young each year!
So now Stenny is surrounded by the sound of clacking stork beaks and mega cute little Storklings on top of nearly every house!

Greenz, birdz and Peace out!

Pic by Gwahir the...Stork?