Roadtrip to Bulgaria (part 7)

10 Jun 2018

"Classic book blog"

A literary intermezzo
As you may have noticed my blogs of late have been kind of
"Coloured" by a certain famous childrens book ... that would be this one :-)

This is my first and only copy of mr.Tolkien's absolute classic story book "the Hobbit"
(It's still one of my all time favourite books)
I bought it (second hand) in 1986 when I was a poor homeless punkrocker and it has been my constant companion for all these years.
It has held me spellbound everytime I read it.
It has crossed continents and different lifetimes with me.
It helped me hone my storyteller skills.
I have read it to both my children as they were growing up. And it lit the light of adventure in their hearts :-)
I have read it to Jenny when we started living together.
I have based countless rollplay sessions on it.
It helped spark my interest in runic codes and old languages.
It's cover and pages are so old and well fondled that it feels almost like soft velvet now.
I am now rereading it completely for (I guess) the 11th or 12th time during our present journey...
I think It's the best thing Tolkien ever wrote and it is absolutely magical and masterfull and will remain "my precious" for evermore...

Do YOU have a book that is special to you?

Greenz from somewhere in Serbia!
The road goes ever on ;-)
Steve Sic

Ps: NO ... I didn't see that fucking awfull movie ;-)