Roadtrip to Bulgaria (part 8)

11 Jun 2018

We've arrived!

After rolling through Serbia , at last we entered Bulgaria , driving into progressively wilder and rougher nature on smaller and smaller roads untill the last few miles turned into unpaved 4x4 landrover tracks which we forced our trusty black beauty into and over! (She's tough!)
Even Fording a pretty scary rocky stream which pushed our wheels to the limit :-)
untill finally we reached journey's end in the beautifull , peacefull land of our Bulgarian friends.
Somehow we ended up doing taichi chuan practice to unwind tight muscles and aching backs in the hot sun...
Then followed some beers
Then Steve tried to blog and ended up writing gibberish and posting it with the picture that Jenny took...
Now is time to chill and let our bodies rest a bit and spend time in friendship and laughter!

Greenz and peace