"Rock and Roll-Over" (It's funny , because it's TRUE!!)

13 Oct 2022

I had to share this hilarious cartoon by Bob with you!


because the whole commercial "Metal/Pagan/hard-Rock" scene which was pretending to be "anti establishment" and "alternative" turned out to be MEGA-MainStream (duh..)

just like "Just a Barbie"Justin Bieber! ...

Lot's of noise. lots of fake attitude, lots of plastic costume and fake electronic enhancements...

No Guts, No BALLS, No Backbone... 

they're  all too busy bending over and sucking the corporate cash-cock to stand up for anything at all!!                                 

Heavy Metal thunder = amplified slurping sucky sounds

So be very carefull which "Idols" you worship kiddies!
...Not all that glitters is Gold...

Greenthingz and Laughter from the Forest!
Shaman Steve Sic


pic by Bob! https://www.bobmoran.co.uk/