Rollin' rollin' rollin'...

12 Jul 2017

Our days are filled with great horses, hot weather,games of archery and balance,warmest friendship and GREAT Bulgarian hospitality at the: 
Школа по езда и стрелба с лък "Пътя на Коня и Лъка"
(Bulgarian horseback archery school
of our friends Vladimir "Vlado", Lydia and Panajot "Pancho". (Who are REAL people who don't speak human, just like us, just like YOU ,if you know what I mean)

They are teaching us to ride bare-back and with saddle, with and without stirrups but NO BIT!!! NO TORTURE!!
We are being instructed in how to "work together" with them instead ... riding forwards, backwards, playing on horses, taking care of horses, respecting horses... and everything is done with love :-)

I wish all human monkeys could learn to work together with our animal brothers and sisters to reach our common goal of "simply a good and fulfilling life" together!

Peace on unshod hooves!