Shiney! OOooooh! The OMNIA Pagan Amulet is here!

1 Aug 2013
Shiney! OOooooh! The OMNIA Pagan Amulet is here!

Finally the long awaited OMNIA AMULET has arrived, just in time for Castlefest tomorrow! These heavy bronze amulets , with the OMNIA logo on one side and the OMNIA "Runic Luna Star" on the other have been designed by SteveSic as an easily available (and affordable) Pagan symbol of Creativity, Nature power and Protection...

and because a lot of our fans have a limited budget plus we want all of YOU to be able to afford this amulet we've kept the price really low (€10,-) ... it will be available from our merchandise stand , starting this weekend and ofcourse in our webshop... wear it with pride! around your neck... hang it on your keyring... on your favourite instrument ... on your altar... wherever you decide! for a strong solid bronze OMNIA resonance! ... Get on in our webshop.

Hokahey! Greenthingz!

and see you soon!