A short message to our friends…

18 Jun 2021

Hi Guys!

I ‘ve been wanting to write to you, but I never seem to find the time to actually sit down infront of “a computer” and do it.
There is so much physical and spiritual work on our land and so much to see and be a part of in this little Nature reserve.
This ancient Celtic land is a part of us and working it is a full time occupation … I’m either busy living or… dying of muscle ache and spaced out…

But anyway, I’m behind a fecking keyboard now, so here goes with a little update on the life of Stenny and OMNIA.

It’s a funny old world eh? What happened? So much has changed!
I’m still stunned every day…
After a lifetime of being a preaching pagan entity and living our lives together with our band and tribe “out in public”, Jenny and me have now turned into proper little forest Trolls, we have become hermits, due to our own personal choices
and the wonderfull new world order (Ein volk ein reich ein WHO). We see no other people except each other, our Cat… and a whole lotta Nature!
(we rarely have visitors here, just some Slovenian friends and random volunteers)

We still don’t watch any Television or any kind of mind poisoning online media, we read no papers, we heed no news…we just live day by day in the wild … and when we travel into the populated valley for supplies we pick up a few short stories or impressions of how far the human race has run…

It confuses me, because all people seem confused.

Does anybody have any idea what exactly they are still doing on this planet?

Does anybody out there still remember that the biggest problem facing the present day world is enviromental collapse caused by human overpopulation and their growing carbon, plastic , radio and Genetic  pollution?

Remember when that was the ONLY significant thing to think about?

Well … we live where time stood still, where saving the natural world and living a free healthy life are paramount (a movement that was growing before the Insanity, the fear and the corona fascism took over),

we still see nature happening each day. because we have lots of time to see what is REALLY out there.

Stenny now lives the quiet Pagan Country life, doing  everything by ourselves. Spending all of our days learning the most amazing things from the wild life that surrounds us, (and also picking up many useful “farm” skills from the local Slovenian people)

We are building our Holy ground, our Sacred Temple to all LIFE that we truly worship.

We sleep when we are tired and we rise when we awake, clocks have become meaningless, we do only what is necessary to sculpt this land into being TERRA OMNIA and what we need to survive each day comfortably and in peace.

Which is rather a lot of work, but because the work is directly contributing to our land and our wellbeing (a new bulding, a new Perma garden bed, a new pond or stream, a new cupboard, a new road) and because all this stuff is permanent and will remain here for many many decades to come it feels more…sensible…satisfying…special… than putting in hours to earn a handfull of cash to buy some temporary toy or some consumer goods… if you know what I mean.

It’s hard work living in the country (physically much harder than anything I’ve ever done before, including the touring and even the stunt swordfighting!)

We have been forced to grow…ahem…muscles.
Jenny looks like a small dreadlocked Arnold Schwarzenegger when she’s sweating and hacking away with her Hoe!

The muscles may ache But the process is sheer heaven!

Remember there is no life after Death…there is no “High score”;
There is just today and this moment.

THIS world is Heaven!

It’s just hard to see the beauty when you are drowning in the destructive fantasies of a race of insane monkeys

On TERRA OMNIA  there is lots of time and breathing space to finally be able to meditate and focus on the nature of Life and the Spirits of Nature in peace.

Far away from our old life, away from the busy festivals and the crowds of freaks and fans (which we love, so we miss them, which makes us sad sometimes)

but ALSO away from the fakers, shakers, starfuckers and money makers which infest the world (which we do not love…and don’t miss which makes us happy ALL the time!)

Lost in our new lives and Nature during these loooong months which have turned into more than a year without seeing any of our old friends and colleagues.
We experience the loss of EGO, the process of healing the damage done by…well…mostly by humans and their insanity.

Learning to silence the monkey voices inside your head that only WANT WANT WANT and push for MORE MORE all the time… to fill the hole…
the monkey voices that tell you you MUST be “productive” and “useful”…constantly

The speed of modern human existence (fuelled by mass media) needs to slow down till it stops, before you can begin to tune into the subtle rythms,
listening to the heart beat of the Earth… the pulse of life in everything.

When you hear that, when you feel that… all the other stuff just becomes…immaterial.

If we were Christians (God forbid ;-) ) we could be called “Anchorites” left alone to meditate on the face of God.  
We have renounced all our fame, fortune and power like Saint Francis or any other holyshmoly saint or saddhu that you can imagine… to live a life of meditation.

We have devoted our lives to the church, living only for God and nothing else!

But obviously our God is not one made up by some ancient mad men who wrote books of laws and rules about it to control others.

Our “God” is one thing that we hold Sacred, the actual living breathing being called…Nature.

But then of course we’re the more relaxed freethinking, bohemian, dready, tattooed, Celtic, Pagan version… umm? Was that sentence quite right?… anyway, yet again I digress, my apologies.

Where was I?

Oh yeah,

Here we are,

far far away from you all,
looking down on the confused monkey world from up high on our Holy ground,
we scratch our heads and think:

“What da Fokk are you all doing down there??”


Come on by and see what real life can look like if you are ever in the neighbourhood!

Greenthingz from the happily demented forest couple!
Stenny et OMNIA

sooo…that was my maximum keyboard time for a while…
Now back to work!