Slovenian Snow Leopard

12 Feb 2023

On TERRA OMNIA he have many (MANY) rare and wild creatures that use our land and homestead as a resting or passing-through place because they know we are not a danger to them... no hunters, no dogs, no cars, no loud machinery...

here there is peace , quiet and food.

So they come here to chill , to eat or to steal vegetables and chickens from us.
We have so much wildlife living in close proximity to our house now that building or using a wildlife camouflaged shelter to observe them from would be ridiculous...
we just watch them straight from our bedroom or livingroom..
they get that close ...

BUT this one is a special case!

This is a particularly amazing animal that came to us from the wild:

 the EXTREMELY rare and elusive  "Slovenian snow leopard"  (Felis Črtus Fuzzybuttus)

he's the only one of his kind...

You see him here captured on film as he stalks through his natural enviroment... (He's very hard to get on a photograph!)

He is so special he doesn't just come close!

oh no!
He has actually invaded our house!
Here he spends much of his time dragging mud and snow unto our clean floors

and lovingly shedding pounds of long clingy hair onto any and every cloth surface available...

he especially adores tearing long shreds of skin and flesh from my hands and arms when he is "playing" with me

(I have had to get long leather working gloves for our daily wrestling work out, so that I can retain the use of my limbs)

His favourite relaxation technique is to park his huge 7.5 kilo bulk on any available warm-blooded monkey he can find (that would be us) and then purring contentedly untill the walls shake and falling asleep in various humorous poses...

He comes when we whistle, he goes on long walks in the forest with us, he is quite a conversationalist and can communicate amazingly well for someone without articulated speech capabilities and a mouth full of pointy teeth.

And best of all

...We love each other...   (yeah... I know...embarrasing but true...)

There is something very important and irreplacable about sharing your life with an animal (someone who is not human but who has a natural Soul or "Anima")

It makes you feel ALIVE!

Like the "Felis Črtus Fuzzybuttus"

our Pal Črt

Greenthingz and wonderfull TERRA OMNIA wintersun because our cloudbuster works bitches!

Stenny and Črt

now I'm gonna go and make some more moonshine in the sunshine...

ps:Bonjour Chloe, J'ai pris cette photo de Črt  pour tes enfants! ;-)