Social Responsibility 2020AD

24 Aug 2020

Fighting for social freedom? smiley

It’s kind of funny how times change eh?

When I was a young punk, "Social responsibility" used to mean:

1: Go out into the world, make it a better place by voluntarily sharing your life and property with others while doing positive helpful and practical work for your direct community and the enviroment.

2: keep questioning the motives and actions of the 1% who are in power. (Follow the money trail)

Because they will ALWAYS try to fuck you in the end.

3: Use "Civil disobedience" to give voice to your questions if necessary and change unjust laws to curb the greed of that insane 1%.

I've always believed in this communal tribal spirit of liberty.

BUT now reality has cleverly been changed...

"Social responsibility" in the post-corona scare apparently means:

1: Stay locked up at home, do NOTHING, meet no one, just keep on consuming.

2: Believe everything you are told by those in power.

3: Don't think for yourself…

just OBEY the Laws of the 1%.

No wonder the world's ecological and political climates are so fucked! smiley

Which brings me to my point:

Don't you think it's time to tackle those long overdue enviromental / over-population problems for real now?

Because no matter how hard everyone tries to promote it, corona is still only a tiny symptom of that really really huge global problem.

And it really isn't going to go away by itself.

NOTHING is Sacred… ONLY Nature

Greenz and never take yourself or your species too seriously

(because Humans are definitely Nature’s biggest joke!)

Stay strong, stay healthy, stay alert!

Shaman SteveSic