Spring 2019... welcome to the new reality :-)

29 Apr 2019

The insects are buzzing, the flowers bloom filling the world with colour and heady perfumes, the trees have unfurled their young tender leaves spreading a fresh green glow over the Slovenian hills and mountains, the fuzzy creatures are having cubs,kittens and other assorted fuzzy spawn...The birdies are busy hatching eggs an' grubbing for worms ,insects and tonnes of other food for their chicks... LIFE is in full swing!

Oh yeah... there's also a tonne of snow falling on top of it all...

After weeks of rising spring temperatures were suddenly driven into the shelter of a friendly guesthouse last night by the driving snows which started to pile up around our faithfull Black beast.
(Yup it was fecking cold in there!) Many of the little ones of nature could not shelter and died ignobly and unmourned by most.

There are a lot of confused looking creatures (including the local population) wandering around today digesting this bizzarre spectacle of unexpected wintersnow melting on spring blossoms...

It makes a very pretty picture though! This is our new (changing) reality , our "new and improved" world given to us by our Noble power-mad slave Masters.

Enjoy each day while you can my friends and learn to see the beauty in the powerfull Chaos which Nature unleashes as she figures out how to cull all the monkeys :-)

Greenthingz ,flowers and Snow!