Spring Equinox

22 Mar 2019

The balance between night and day has been rolled to the point that the days are getting longer again, renewing life springs vibrant all around us, birds sing unimaginably beautifull concertos, mice rummage between the roots of awakening sleepy trees, squirrels, pregnantly plump with new life much tonnes of food and frolick in the branches, ravens crock crock crocking overhead, frogs “going at it” like drugged-fuelled bohemians at a sixties free-love orgy, pumping out eggs like their going out of fashion…

Nature, Fuck Yeah!… now THAT’s a religion that REALLY speaks to me!
This refreshing new day of spring fills me with strength, love and joy, from it’s mist-wreathed awakenings (that’s a pic of groggy, sleepy Steve sucking up the early mornin’ life of this delicious Dawn forest concert…)

Groovy right through it’s bright sunny midday (spent in very chill company)

To it’s impending glorious sunset (which is happening now as I write this)

For me and Jenny today is a good day, a hopefull day, a day to feel ALIVE!
I write this just because I wanted to share a feeling with YOU, meaningless as it may seem in the greater scheme of things, but still actually very important if you think about it…
And I sincerely hope that YOUR day has retained some sparkle of the time of the vernal equinox and has filled YOU with a sense of nature and change in a positive way… wherever YOU are …

This world of humans sux,that’s true… but don’t let it blind you to the wonder of ALL the life that lives and grows in ALL its manifestations all around you, we are part of this planet, what we do and feel in our personal lives is felt by the force of life that surrounds us…

Feel ALIVE! and the world lives with you

Greenthingz ,sprouting buds and cheep cheep, tweetle piieeep, tweetletweetle pip!

pic by fungle the gnole