The stage is empty...

31 Mar 2018

The tour is done...
But the feelings just go on and on!
Thank you all ... so much... for EVERYTHING


Omnia, technology can bring the world together and those in control of it can censor us, distort and hide the truth from us. But your songs of resonance will continue to give us strength and hope directly from Nature if we listen. YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!

Sad to think you won’t be on a stage nearby for a while! Got 2 new cd’s from your stand to add to my collection, so your music will be with me nevertheless.
Great to hear your music in the theatre, you can fully appreciate it there.
I hope you find all the anwers you are looking for, take care!

Thank you guys for your music and the meaningful words of your songs, your music has got into my soul it’s about the only music my hubby and I listen to, the bounce, the vibrancy, just everything about it, enjoy your well deserved sabbatical x

Finally after six years I got to meet my heroes and rolemodeles for the first time but sadly it was on their last show, that broke my heart. How I wish that I was Scrooge McDuck rich so I could've visited every OMNIA concert! But I am happy that I got this chance because it was amazing! I took the train and bus from Sweden, many called me crazy, what can I say? I guess I am a happy christian freak that are crazy and I am proud of it because I got to see OMNIA! I got the chance to talk to them and kiss them! I cried through the concert of all emotions with the music and lyrics that I could every word by heart! I am so happy that I could see them and I hope to see them again, private or on stage it doesn't matter because the very thought gives me hope and fills my heart with happiness! Thank you Steve, Jenny, Rob, Daphyd and Joe for making one night very special and unique, a night I always will carry that with me in my heart! With all my love, your Swedish friend, Oliver Ragnar Skogsskimmer. I love you!

After years of seeing you at open air festivals, this was a completely different surrounding. My husband and I saw three concerts, and they were all different, too: Enschede as the first in this old fashioned theatre, then Raalte as a nearly private event with an unexpected meeting with friends from MPS, photo session and signing the new cd, the last in Venlo in a nearly sold-out hall with lots of dutch people who had never seen you before (and funny talks between us "fans" and them - and unfortenately also very strict and harsh theatre employees). But I am glad that we decided to go to those three at least, although I must say it was hard for me to stay on my seat in a decent theatre behaviour instead of dancing and singing together with you...

I have to say, I really would like to see you under the open sky and some beautiful trees again, as this is a different feeling, being in nature and celebrating your music. Please don't look back so much in anger to your German fans at MPS, this was the place where I heard your music first years ago, in Telgte, Saltatio Vita, and I was struck by your sound and everything on this day, and it, somehow, changed my life.

Make the best of your break, and I hope we will hear from you soon!

Greetings from Germany, Dagmar & Andreas