Steve Sic's Birthday Blog 2023

24 Jul 2023

So...It's ma birthday today...

and life has changed a bunch since the day of my actual birth back in 1967

THAT was very different world to the one being presented now... right?

AS the illusion of society peels away from the eyes and the horrendous truths of this world reveal themselves one by one, I can definitely say that I have changed a lot and feel myself to be a healthier, wiser, fitter and more balanced creature than I was before.
(and a damn sight better informed!)

The world in 2023 also is a less confusing place for me,
because now I am armed with greater knowledge about this earth plane
and I know a lot more of the real hidden magic it contains.

All the fear-inducing horror stories and terrorism that the slave-drivers pumped into me and my generation through school, government and mass media, have all lost their teeth and are now revealed for what they always were...

just scary stories to keep tight control over nations of people with the mentality of little children.

Stories like "nuclear weapons"... "dangerous viruses" ... "destructive bloodthirsty nature" ...
the ever changing Orwellian "Enemy" that we must fight constantly.
"war on drugs"
"war on terror"
"war on disease"
"war on misinformation"  
"war on heterosexual white people?"
(they are all basically just "wars on peace and freedom")

they all seem rather silly now I know that we are merely facing a united worldwide evil enemy who is out to annoy and drain us permanently, and who has been doing so for quite a while already.

Yep...the U.N. is not your buddy at all...

The weather weapon that they are using on a constant basis on this poor enslaved world is quite annoying and is destroying a lot of old trees, crops and all the small farmlands, families need to survive.
It is a sad thing that most blind consumers of the internet media whore  out there cannot even see what is happening in their skies because ofcourse they have been trained to:
"Don't Look Up!"

and they have been trained to:
 'NOT do your own research!"

and they have been trained to:
"TRUST THE science!"

And like good little Pavlov doggies they all sit up, bark, beg and BELIEVE
and most importantly they OBEY their master's voice!

So... as the weather wars continue to get worse and worse
the mass of humanity remains oblivious to what is happening,
running their own little tight circles of modern life :

worry over bills,
look at provided entertainment to numb the pain
repeat...until dead"

The reality up there in the sky as seen from the point of view of someone who looks and studies the sky on a daily basis from a great height...that would be Stenny... is this:

At different times the sky is invaded by squadrons of poison-particle-dispersal planes, flying grid patterns, pumping millions of tonnes of aluminium, barium, various toxins etc. into the chemical smog that covers most of our world now... which reacts with DARPA's HAARP toys and so, blocks the sun and moon and stars, thus destroying our "normal" weather patterns.

...killing and darkening the natural skies that should be feeding us life and light...

They own the stratosphere (which actually means "military sphere")

They own the media

They own your idols and your religions as well

They destroy the weather patterns and call it "Climate Change" to fool the ignorant masses into accepting even more totalitarian nonsense that will tighten the collar of slavery a few inches extra around their brainwashed little necks (and yes I believed it too until my eyes opened, my neck is still black and blue from it, and the shame burns my cheeks for ever having supported and fought for that rubbish!).

As the fake, media made, physical wars across the world keep killing the poor while pumping more money and power to the most disgustingly evil, rich and powerful around the world.

The good old U.N. keeps spreading poverty, lies and death to the billions of normal people who just want to live a simple good life and mind their own business.

As the borders between RIGHT and just plain WRONG are made more fuzzy every day by the world government of Billionaire occultists...


(shocked discriptive intermezzo)
Miss Holland is a MAN!?
... really!?...
The most beautiful of all the most beautiful girls in all of Holland?

(and let me assure you there are many beautiful girls in Holland!)

is a ball bearing, biological male?

the evil and sick hermaphrodite worshipping elites have actually made an ugly MAN dressed up as a caricature of a woman the winner of a national FEMALE beauty contest !?

Is this some sort of sick joke?

And there was no riot?

The other contestants just had to take that disgusting insult to all of womanhood and smile
or they would lose their entire career?

The audience clapped and cheered for some guy with a dick as the most lovely Dutch girl?

...speechless for 5 seconds...

...euh,,luitjes...Er is iets Miss in Nederland!...

Misogynist utopia anyone?

Whatever happened to feminism?

Whatever happened to WOMEN'S RIGHTS?

Women now have to stand back and let MEN take their very indentity AS WELL?

Their Natural, Biological, 100% genetically provable "gender"?

I like women and children... I have always defended them wherever and whenever I can. I was raised to be a gentleman.
So... I ask you, is defending women and children considered a right-wing evil as well now by the new fascist woke agenda?


Yep the world has changed a lot since I was born 56 years ago today.

As I write this yet another MASSIVE storm is building up over our mountain
as it has nearly every day in the last weeks
The HUGE, INESCAPABLE yet socially invisible U.N. weather weapon is getting more deadly every day... and it is not going to stop any time soon.

I know for many sad monkeys out there I am considered a politically incorrect mis-information spreader, and everything I believe in is what is now called "pseudo-science"

But I don't care... As far as my knowledge goes, there is only one TRUTH in any given situation.
(We do NOT "all have truths", they are merely opinions and beliefs, TRUTH is inviolate)

and TRUTH remains TRUTH even if not a living soul is left to believe or to see it...

because, despite all the governmentally sponsored "debunking"  
and all the media's normalising of the weird skies and the weird clouds ...

the weather weapons ARE STILL real


they are STILL causing REAL destruction and very REAL misery around the world

the world IS STILL being run by an evil religious (weirdly hermaphrodite worshipping) monster elite

I know you prefer not to believe all this stuff, because, well, It's hard to get to terms with
(I know, I fought against accepting these facts as well, because it seems so...well...just weird!)

But there it is... it's a fecking weird world!

and even though this is STILL apparently the same world I was born into

I was BORN into unknown slavery (just like you)

But now, thank goodness, thank love and thank all the gods

I am FREE!

Happy Birthday to me!

Hugs and Keep on Learning, keep on thinking, be Free.

Shaman Steve Sic

ps: remember the lesson of uncle wolf and his brave people kids:

"It is far better to live just 1 day in total freedom and light
than to spend a life-time in slavery and darkness "