SteveSic in a Car!? WTF?!

14 Jun 2017

Hahaa! Yup, it's true ... after a lifetime of being 
"no drivers licence man" I decided to do something "different" and I took lessons and learned how to drive a car!

I got a great teacher called John (who's actually an ex musician) 
and I passed my test today ;-)

I am now deemed legally fit to guide a large hunk of hot metal machine along the public highways of the world!

This doesn't mean that I'm gonna go out ,buy a big assed Hummer an race it straight to the local mcDonalds drive-through...

No, I got it because Jenny and me do a lot of Roadtrips together and poor Jenny always has to drive the whole fecking way ... thousands of kilometers...while I sit beside her polishing my nails and trying to look pretty and such...

this seemed frightfully unfair

BUT Now I can do half the driving and my sweet wife can rest 
(and besides, she is MUCH better at looking pretty than me... ahem)

So... my dear enviromentally concious friends of WWW.-land...
this doesn't mean that I will spend any more or less time in our van than I already do (our carbon footprint stays exactly the same)... but now I can share the burden of responsibility and safety and brumm brumm stuff with Jenny!!

I gotta drivers licence! 
Who would have thought it!?
Fuck yeah!
I am kinda proud :-)

Greenthingz and wheelz!

Pic by John