Still ill....

28 Feb 2018

Dear people, I have some really sad news.

Yesterday, Steve started feeling worse again. But we really wanted to perform today so thought it might be temporary and didn't want to scare you guys by saying we might cancel again....But it is not to be...he is just not able to stand on a stage and perform. He is feverish, has a migraine and an awful cough. It's just not possible. So our shows today, tomorrow (venlo) and saturday (veendam) will be hopefully postponed but at least not happen on the set dates. I can't express how sorry we are, or how guilty we feel.

But this is what it is, "overmacht" as we say in Dutch. I must say I can do with a few more days healing myself, to be completely healed when we perform again.

If you know anyone who was going to one of these shows this week please double check they saw this message or heard from the theatre. I don't want anyone turning up at their doors and only then hearing about it...

Hugs Jenny / OMNIA