Strange Flowers grow in our forest..

28 Dec 2017

Look at the strange bouquet I picked on my forestwalk today?

Just "growing" in the forest...

Today the sales of consumer explosives started again... haha!
In this age of brutal "safety measures" against terrorists it seems really weird to give the dirtiest,most damaging gunpowder from China to all the happy little citizens , so that they can celebrate  their respect for life together by blowing it up.

Humans! You gotta love the way they think!  ;-)

Greenthi..BANG! BANG! KABOOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And Take Cover!!!
Shaman SteveSic

Ps: my tip to all you Arab terrorists out there is to buy a truckload of all this high explosive shit while you can!!
Apparently it's legal!
(And It'll save you a lot of bother with having to fuck around with tiny bottles of liquid and explosive peanutbutter etc. in airplanes)