Suck my Flute on iTunes!

2 Mar 2018

Hello lovely people! I though it might be nice to let you know we are slowly but steadily getting better. Still coughing a lot and sleeping a lot (nice for a change ;-) )but full of hope we will be bright as a button next week to continue our theatre tour in Holland. Thank you all for your support and kind words, it really touches me that you care so much.

As you might have noticed, today was the day our single "Suck my Flute" got released on iTunes, to give you a little teaser of our upcoming "Reflexions" album.

Now, we had a great plan to release a video at the same time, but sadly it didn't get finished in time because of our stupid flu. It does mean that this video will be released VERY soon and you should totally keep an eye on our YouTube channel (possible subscribe if you're into that sorta thing) because I think it's lovely. We had some beautiful wild German acrobat/dancers help us out with this video, and they withstood a whole day half-naked in the wintery cold just to make ART!

Anyway, if you feel gloomy, check out the single, it's a happy little thing!! And let us know which songs you think have been used to remix it...see if you can spot them all!

By the way, this track is the only one in this genre (whatever that may be), because as you are used to with OMNIA, every song on the new album will be different (and weird).

I'll stop my ramblings now and get back into bed


Fuzzy Warm things with Ginger and Honey

xxx Jenny / OMNIA