Symbolic ART!

10 Aug 2019

Sun, Star of Chaos surfixed by the crescent Moon
Luna-Star shine forth from inside...

Heart of stone, traced with ancient ancestral paths
Skull, Mind throne of bone... for Death lives inside us all,

Shaman sings to the conscious mind
Horns and drumbeat pulse, crazy man chanting

Warrior witch whispering to the subconscious spirit
Arrows and Melody fly forth from sacred strings

together they protect, feed, nurture...

a tattered banner proudly unfurls
speaking the only TRUTH we know:

"Nothing is Sacred...only Nature"

This pic is finished now, It has no OMNIA logo, but do YOU Like it?

what do YOU think? Shall we print it on an eco- teeshirt? , on an eco- Hoodie?
would YOU want one?  If enough of YOU say yes, we will print...

Greenthingz and proud shamanic ART!
Sic et OMNIA