Thank you EuroFolk!

18 Jun 2017


What a great music-festival! Both the audience AND the organisers were absolutely amazing! We were treated like old friends,
You guys really made us feel at home and we had a great gig...
In which the Nature Energy flowed strong as a mountain river :-)

It's really very refreshing to be playing on a truely non-profit music festival again, especially one that has already been going succesfully for 46 years (!!!) without turning into a commercial moneymaking monstrosity... (which sadly happens too often)
You have our respect and we are proud and happy to have been able to play for you!

It was sweet to be with the four of us on stage after such a long break.... Jenny and myself touched a part of our Roots again that we were afraid maybe we had lost...
but which only lay sleeping, waiting to be re-awakened when the pagan energy was restored :-)

Greenthingz and PaganFolk!
SteveSic et OMNIA