Things to do on a rainy day

29 May 2019

As the clouds release a deluge of unseasonal rain water from the impressively clouded Slovenian sky, we have taken shelter in a really cute, cosy little wooden hut, where we fill our time with the solace and joy that playing new musick brings.
Jenny's eloquent fingers dance lightly over her beautifull African Kora (which she got from the amazing Gambian artist Sona Jobarteh...check her out)
While I'm putting my rusty, stiff old fingers through some much needed practice on my dear little Celtic Harp...
These two instruments playing together make an ethereally wonderful duet of Afro and Celtic sound to transport our slightly damp little souls to a bright place of warmth and light!

Greenthingz, Sacred stringz and peace...
Stenny on the road