Three Happy New Year's Wishes!

31 Dec 2018

It's that magical sparkly time of year again kids! A fictional line is drawn between the old and the new...
A time of hope,
a time to wish for all the best to happen in the coming year!

So let's be indulgent ,
let's believe in the magick newyear fairies and make 3 special wishes!

ready?... here they are:

1: Celebrate Life!

I wish that ALL the people who celebrate another year of life by playing with dangerous, toxic, polluting and deadly explosives find enough Death, Burn-wounds and severe physical trauma to stop them (permanently) from ever doing so again...

2: Heaven for Everybody!!
I wish that all people who believe that this world is Evil and and that everything gets much better after death, should get the chance to finally go there and check it out ... now! :-)
EVERYBODY who believes in Heaven can go there, today

3: Peace on Earth!
And finally, after the first two wishes are granted, this last one happens by itself... Let Earth and all her creatures can get some rest from this unending, ridiculous human destruction... So that the few of us who actually Love this planet and her children can finally live here together in peacefull co-existence ...

Greenthingz to everybody from the celebration warzone!

Shaman SteveSic
(Pope of non-dogmatic Paganism)