Time for Art!

25 Jun 2017

Midsummer has granted us her gifts,the Festival was grand the Musick fed us :-)
(thank you Feuertanz!)

I feel inspired... I wanna draw stuff

What should I design?

New T-shirts?
New Patches?
OMNIA Stickers?
What do YOU want?

Greenz and Creative Chaos!


Markus goes for an OMNIA Pipe and an OMNIA towel (which fits ideal, if you need one at a Festival for a hot tub and sth. like that)
Verena goes for(cosy) bath coats and (you already guess it): FIRELIGHTERS (LIGHT THEM UP!!!!)
Cheers and a good Muse..... And lots of kisses Verena and Markus

A full sheet of unique OMNIA Stickers would be cool.
Instead of a single big sticker for a bumper, some small ones (3-5cm) could beautify the back of my mobile and my lunchbox and... and... and...

One black flag with gold Omnia wright and some defence runes

One black flag with gold Omnia wright and some defence runes

A black flag with gold Omnia wright and defence runes

;-) nothing is sacred.....only Omnia

New tattoo? :-p

No patch because there is more space available on my bag

Badge maybe? I like badges ;-)

please create t-shirts that are like the wolf-love ones.. i love them but can't get anymore ....schnief.....
love and hugs

Can i cast my vote for all of the above? No? Well an omnia flag sounds cool, and stickers would be awsome. A badge sounds cool too.

Aww to heck with it, ALL OF THE ABOVE!:)

white tshirts with omnia on them please and stickers plus posters of ireland

with eleven lover on it and one with love conquers all on it too in gold paint.. please

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