Time for Change? (I'm late! I'm late!)

5 Apr 2019

I'm sitting on my porch looking at the sunset as I write this, absorbing the warblings and tweets of my feathered neighbours and peacefully writing a few more words to YOU.

It's weird lately to be spending most of my creative energy on something other than Musick. Currently I'm fixing up our OMNIA tour bus to be more of a "Stenny wandering tour home" so we can start travelling around Europe again and meeting new freaky people in beautifull Nature places some more …While of course looking for the perfect spot to buy that piece of land to start our little reserve of sanity…And this time we're heading SOUTH! (Slovenia, France, Italy, Spain and Portugal are on our list...any suggestions?)
You know it's funny but every time I start up my computer to write something (which seems to happen only on very rare occasions) I find it hard to align my thoughts to express what I wanted to say in the first place, because a form of electro-confusion seizes my mind , the moment I touch any fancy modern "device"... of course for me real physical Instruments and tools are friendly and comforting to work with, but these electronic digitally-incomprehensible plastic futuristic brain-drain devices and the ultra high frequencies they function on always seem to fuck my brain into spasmodic flutters and mindwarps of blurred and distorted thought... It's like I instantly lose my way in my own head, you know? As a treehugging ecocentric shaman I get a lot of bother from "electro stress" and wifi / 4G pollution... ah well, one more reason to stay deep in Nature.

Anyway, I digress.

A thought struck a few days ago when I realised that those evil little timers of our existence...you know...the clocks... had changed an hour...yet again!...

I thought we all decided to dump this stupid "let's prove our dominance over Nature and everything by fucking around with our perception of time" - tradition…?

The arrogant idiots that came up with it (probably men in suits eh?) call it "daylight saving time" or some other such nonsense blabla term and it has been the bane of my life for a very long time (for instance when I was raising my little kids, or when I had regular school, or a dayjob)... I don't need to follow any clocks anymore nowadays but still... It's so fucked up and unhealthy to screw around with the normal natural working-day time and it causes unnecessary damage and frustration to individuals as well as society as a whole. So, last year, the EU FINALLY decided to drop this very unhealthy, costly and pointless custom... yippee!... but (for in the land ruled by the Goddess Bureaucratia there is always a rather large BUT, following anything that sounds even remotely positive for the ordinary people) ... it has been deemed too difficult to simply STOP using this system of time because nobody can seem to agree on how to implement it: What should we use? Winter time? Summertime?
The various countries cannot agree on which of these totally fictional parameters of time to use….So, it has been decided to let the whole "hour appearing and disappearing" monkey circus run on a little longer... and we all lost an hour AGAIN, which will confuse and tire and annoy gazillions of working monkeys (and even the whole system of 24 hours of 60 minutes each was totally fictional to begin with anyway...humans!)

Anyway , my point is this:
If something as simple and benificial and ecologically sensible to everybody (humans and the rest of the world included) concerned... as just STOPPING with fucking around with our clocks... If even that tiny task is impossible for our great and mighty political "leaders" to arrange (I use the term "leaders" ironically here ...obviously)... What does this mean for the rest of their awesome power to actually listen to us and ACT on making life better for all by stopping the ongoing destruction of our ecosystem? What does this say for reducing carbon emissions? or for preserving and nurturing the wild places left on Earth?

Sadly for us there will be no help coming from those moneymonkeys...

So it's down to us to change our own lives on an individual level, to restart our own personal dialogue with Nature and to reconnect to make our own Freedom, right here, right now.

Nothing is Sacred...only Nature
Shaman SteveSic

ps: I actually started writing this blog last sunday, on the day of the time-change... i was a bit slow, so it got late and I started to rush to finish it...on time...
I realised the irony of this situation (being trapped by the same time whose influence I'm trying to avoid) that I decided I was being very silly and then I just couldn't be arsed to finish it on that day.  Be free!

Pic by the White Rabbit