Tips for a healthy life!

28 Aug 2020

I want to share something POSITIVE with you,
I am now, as I write to YOU, a 53 year old weirdo freaky guy and I feel happy, healthy, and physically fit.

As you know, I respect Nature more than anything and because my Body is a part of Nature, it gets to benefit from this respect as well!

Here are 9 simple guidelines that have helped me along this far on my journey.
(and of course all these things are beneficial to the planet as well)

1: Eat healthy, natural, locally grown food every day (avoid gluten or any Monsanto ‘mutant’ grains, and eat NO premade factory junk)
2: Sleep at least 8 hours every night (take daytime naps if you need them)
3: Get plenty of fresh air and exercise, outside in nature.
4: Be physically active daily to keep your body strong (sport, yoga, exercise, walks)
5: Stay lean, don’t over-eat, keep within a healthy body weight (check your BMI)
6: Avoid stress and fear (try to ignore the standard “news”) …don’t worry, be happy.
7: Avoid the use of high frequency “internet devices” like smartphones, computers, etc as much as possible .
8: Avoid addictive hard drugs like Alcohol (ethanol), Heroin, anti-depressants, etc
9: Enjoy plenty of free-thinking, music, art, sex, laughter, play and good company.

If you follow these simple guidelines you will NOT get sick and die of one of the many corona-viruses that everyone is so worried about (although you can still get one, you will most likely get a mild to heavy flu which your body can easily overcome and then you’ll be happily immune).

I hope that these tips will help some of you good people out there!

Greenthingz and Stay healthy!
Shaman Steve Sic