Tooth and Horn!

1 Jun 2018

Raaaaahhhh!!! Sometimes (many times) I get so fucking angry at the stupid cruel and self-righteous monkeys who are destroying our beautifull world. All the billions of my animal brothers and sisters who are tortured in concrete cells and cages across the world all for the sake of MONEY! I wish I had weapons to fight all this injustice and misery with!
I would love to get all the people that profit from this constant sickening torture and give them a taste of their own drag them out of their comfy homes and lock them in a filthy concrete box full of discomfort, shit, piss and howling agony for about 18 weeks... and then kill them clumsily and painfully so that the wrecked remains of their tortured bodies can be put in trucks with pictures of Happy smiling Cows, Piggies and Chickens on them...
then they can be sold off as cheap export "animal product" ...
where they are destined to be pointlessly shat out by obese monkey assholes as a "reasonably cheap snack"
... grrr!...raaagh!... fucking humans!!!...pant! slather!... ahem... sorry, got a bit carried away there ;-)

But sadly... NO... all the really functional weapons are in the hands of those who build and defend the evil in this world... THEY will always have the most strength, because they need to use it against US (to keep us in line... anyone who has ever demonstrated for a good nature or social cause will know this already).

So...all I am left with is my Teeth, My claws, and my dreadfull HOWL!!!... (as well as the antlers of wyld nature friends)
But as a musician I also luckily have recourse to a different kind of deadly arsenal!: my INSTRUMENTS! (when used for GOOD they can be awesome weapons!)
And those free and independant instruments are only used in the Defense of the Earth! ... they don't actually kill the bad guys directly..whatta shame!! :-(

But they do help to wake up some of the more NatureMinded monkeys who hear Jenny and my words and songs, so that at least we can share the horror of Humanity and the guilt of being considered Human with others like us! YOU!!

btw: What would YOU like to do to people who consign billions of intelligent loving caring creatures to a living Hell and painfull death in Industrial DeathCamps just because the flesh of their dead Corpses tastes so nice to other humans?

Greenthingz Nature LOVE and sweet payback fantasies!
Your Shaman and Heyoka Nature Caveman SteveSic