17 Jun 2019

As you can see we're back in the Blackbeast rolling to yet another weird and wonderfull place.
After spending a peacefully philosophical time filled with enjoying the satisfaction of exercising physical skills with horse, bow, throwing knives, axes and sparring energetically with various home-made larp weaponry with our old (and new) wild hill-tribe warrior friends in Bulgaria ...
Today we have reluctantly swapped the magnificent muscle power of uncle Vladimir's amazing horses aswell as the comfort of the yurt on the hill of flowers, for our portable bed in our sturdy steel warhorse!

Our road will now (probably) take us to the coast of Hrvatska...
but the road is a loving living thing...
it goes ever on... (quoth Bilbo)
where it leads us ultimately?

Who the fuck knows?
Who the fuck cares?
We certainly don't!
We're on it!

Greenthingz and live life like you really mean it!

Pic by the spirit of freedom