Waking up and being Strong! ;-)

5 Dec 2021

You are NOT crazy my friend… and neither am I

There is something wonderfull happening!

Yes, unbelievably,
there is ONE thing coming out of this disgusting dictatorial mess that has been fucking up all free Nature people worldwide these last two years.

It’s knowing that
WE are NOT alone!

When I was a tiny newly awoken little Punkrocker back in the early 80’s,
maybe 1 or 2 % of the total population was aware of the fact that:

-We are living in a dictatorship of Rich ruthless Tirants

-ALL official NEWS is fake government propaganda that only serves their agenda

-MANYPolice and Army personell are very corrupt and capable of the worst atrocities to innocent and defenseless citizens. (and the ones that are not are powerless to stop them)

-The LAW, the GOVERNMENT, Politicians and BIG BUSINESS only exist to serve the ruling Mega Rich Cabal of old royalty and family dynasties dictating our lives and creating our “normality” with an iron fist for centuries

-YOU, your family and all your lives are completely expendable in the eyes of the ruling Cabal and so it is and has ever been.

Now… as the Human World is going totally into a “Dark Lord overkill mode”  like some cheap Fantasy  horror story with mass genetic manipulation and the promise of “medical” concentration camps creating veritable armies of LITERAL Mutant Zombies  (I laugh as I write this…It’s funny… because it’s True!)

Now eyes are opening all around the world!
Now it’s not a carefully expressed conspiracy theory anymore
The shit is really hitting the fan ,open Nazi style Fascism is here!
Even for the most sceptical it becomes hard to ignore how fucking fucked the human world is!

remember all the “conspiracy theories’?

The first quarantine will be just the start of a loooong regime of lost rights because it is about World government control and changing the monetary and social infrastructure of the world we live in

The face masks don’t work with viruses  and will change NOTHING

There will be useless vaccinations that won’t help

One vaccin will NOT be the end of it

EventuallyThere will be mandatory “vaccinations” because the NWO needs EVERYBODY injected with their experimental shot….. no matter what

Injectable computerChips exist, and CAN and WILL be used on people

The medical companies and multi billionaires are NOT philantropist organisations and will get MASSIVELY richer while the 99% get poorer

The New World Order is REAL… have a look at Schwab and the W.E.F.

The Great RESET and the “Build Back Better” conspiracy is REAL

The so called “Vaccins” are a novel Gene therapy that will only Harm the recipients
while NOT protecting or preventing ANY spread of ANY form of Covid virus

There will be an endless run of Covid variants to keep everyone paranoid

All alternate news and disagreeing scientists will be BRUTALLY censored

The population will be split with fear and hatred and the new State Witch hunt of the “unvaxxed” will start

ALL Our freedoms will be diminished piece by piece untill there is NOTHING LEFT of our PERSONAL FREEDOM.

There will be NO normal flu registered during the winter because all normal influenza cases will be called COVID 19 ,Delta , omicron etc. etc.

All adverse effects, disabilities and deaths of the mRNA Geneshot will be used as new strange (absolutely) non Flu symptoms of yet another COVID variant with yet another greek alphabet letter to make it sound cool and groovy.
while the UNVACCINATED will be blamed for everything.

Unemployment will rise , free people will NOT be compensated for losses and the economy will collapse (as scripted)

The rate of Suicide and REAL sickness will rise and the quality of life will be destroyed.

All these statements have come TRUE

This has opened the eyes of MANY more people than before!
we now have a roughly 40% Awakened population with the option to make this number bigger! :-)

Ofcourse the really die-hard mutant zombies will never change,
but I have a feeling they won’t be around much longer,
so as long as we can all hold out and NOT TAKE THEIR POISON and REFUSE TO COMPLY with their stupid nazi mandates

Remember YOU are a FREE BORN child of this EARTH


THEY, the filthy motherfuckers who are orchestrating this disgusting War on Nature  are mistaken in thinking that

YOU belong to THEM

The mutant mask zombies have willingly declared themselves slaves, simply being sickly thralls to the ruling class.

But YOU are FREE!

Be Brave my friends ,Be PURE of Heart and Body, be a Warrior and
Hold the Line!

CyberHugs, Revolution and Solidarity
Shaman Steve Sic


Beautifull painting: "brighter future" by Jordan Henderson