Walking with the beast...

9 Jan 2020

While the mad manmade machinations of bureaucracia keep us waiting a little bit longer before we can officially own and start building "TERRA OMNIA"...
(We really had NO idea how hard it is and how many files, permits, obscure personal documents etc you need to move from one european country to another!!)

In the meantime We meditavely spend our waiting time wisely by going out on long healthy walks through our "garden", discovering hidden magick places, talking streams, huge fecking wise rocks and all the beautifull life out here :)

And ofcourse our new Slovenian familymember Črt (pronounced "Tjurt") comes on these hours long rambling hikes with us!
He's already become completely Stennyfied :)

In the words of the late-great band the Gunclub:
"We're just walking with the beast"

Greenz and Saving the Trees!