The WAR on NATURE..things you really need to know.

24 Sep 2017

check out this movie (it's even on Netflix)


Every once in a while, I like to recommend some things to YOU, things to read or watch. Books and films about Nature and that YOU may follow my mindset and also to bring a lot of the musick and message of OMNIA into perspective.
I am aware that a lot of people wonder at the force with which I tend to kick against the murderous mutant monkeys of mankind. Accusing me of anti-social thought and action. But that is merely a quite normal Earth-Defence reaction to what I witness around me, BECAUSE Jenny and me are very much aware of most of the facts  on how fast our Living BioSphere is suffering under the strain of the Human Virus.

Educate yourself... find out more about what is REALLY going on in the world around us ... my world... YOUR world... OUR world

then get active ;-)