We got Snow!

14 Jan 2017

You got snow too?

Show us a selfie or other pic of where YOU are now :-)

White thingz on winterwingz


How can i show you a pic of my daugther and me watching Luna an starlight over snowfields for bedtime?

Unfortunately, the only way to post a picture in the comments is via Facebook. Here only text is allowed. But thank you for your comment anyway. Sounds like an epic picture :)

Greenzz Daphyd et OMNIA

I am sad. I can't show you're my photo, because I don't useing Facebook. So I want to discribe the situation. In our village on the east side of germany it has snowed too. Not so much but enough to cover up the earth. My mum and me, we've taken a walk around a little lake in a forest which is in the near of our home. We have watched two swans who are sat on the frozen water, with many other birds.

I wish you all the best!

PS: is they' re any other way to show your the photos, also by others where don't using FB?

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