We laff an playj in da You Ess Ay!

26 Jul 2013
We laff an playj in da You Ess Ay!

Dis is me at da poool of dee hotel were is OMNIA stayjing heer in Orregonn in dee YOU-ESSAY! Me nevver tink dat me wuld bee here! Is nice an warmm an sunny here, peeeples are verry frendly,  dee Cars all look laik  verry big Toys and all da food is full of Sweet Suugar… is reelly a big happy place for fluffy unicornz here!

But SteveSic say mr.Fluffy talk to much an too fast all da time now becos me have a massiv suugar high from all da rich food an if me don' stop eatin it all me will be fat as a verry fat squishy thing verry soon!.. ah well… dis is da pool… here is me frends mr.Daphyd, mr.Rob an Stenny an me at da pool…see isz a pool…erm… me go look for more suuugar now! byeeeeeeee! 

Greensweet thingzz frum amerrika


tonite we start wid de soundcheckking an stuff on da big staidgje at da Fairy festivalll