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6 May 2017


Greenz and luv!


Heading to a music festival with my lovely sisters.

Is it snow or fog?

I'm thinking of how my sister said, "Listen, the grass is singing!" and for a moment we all heard it, emerging from our sacred grove onto that golden summer hill.

Hahaha May 6th I was... uhm... hang-on-a-dawg-gone-minnit..... uhh...

...either getting-to-be, or already pretty much...
...baked like a raspberry pie?

Awesome, guys! =D
Tons of Love, Hugs and
=[ Deep Deep ]=
Didgin', Drummin', Rhymin' and Wailin' Heart-Felt Beats...
...and of course, Hopefully to Many Future Tokes of HomeGrown Ganja from

aka Jake

(currently residing in South-Eastern Sweden and have a huge yard if you ever need a place to camp out. (!) Tons of neat festivals in the near area and not too far from where we're at, I could suggest some places to perform fo' shizzle. ;)
Summers (and winter, and fall, and spring and well.. heheh) are simply awesome here in Sweden, if you can stand the "suddenty" of weather shifting from sunny to pouring rain inside of 20 minutes even on a warm summer's day sometimes... ;) )

...oooooh, anyway, just having morning coffee with vanilla suryp and cream and toked the wake-n-bake:r spliff and am about to go do some chores...

Have a Merry Saturn's Day all'y'all
=[ Omnia Wizards of Sound and Jesters of Merriment! ]=

...and with the hopes and prayers of possibly meeting up with y'all, maybe jammin' something neat together at some point in the "virtual future" of this Earth-Bound "4-dimensional Illusion/Dream" of Life we're currently co-habitating. ;)

OK, well... as an old childhood friend so recently as last night reminded me,
I do go on and on sometimes and I ramble, but I digress... =P

May Peace be Within You and Around You

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