What a beautifull Mabon!

27 Sep 2013

This last autumnal equinox was really stunning... We played in a castle courtyard (which was built on top of the ruins of an ancient Celtic Hillfort) With a HUGE full moon in the sky smiling down on our stage...

We met loads of our Belgian (and even German ;-)  friends there! we listened to the music and good humor of "La Horde" as well as the great little band "Pagan Noz"!  Some of our friends from Rastaban were there with their children to enjoy this magical time together! The festival crew and organisation were great, the Night was mystical and our spirits were HIGH!... we have sooo much to be thankfull for (our "harvest" of love and respect is soo overwhelming this year that we truly feel blessed by mother nature and greatfull to YOU!  (this shouldn't be possible for a self-managed underground band... but apparently it is!)

And after such a great evening we retired to our AMAZING hotel in the hills arranged for us by the sweet people of the "Festival international du Jeu de Roles"... check out Jenny in the "back garden" of the hotel!
Stay Green, live like a nature loving Pagan and...Stay Free!!!

XXX Shaman SteveSic et OMNIA

(picture by moi)