What is love?

22 Oct 2013

I love this Earth and her biosphere
I love all the natural living creatures on this beautifull planet 
I love my Jenny
I love my kids
I love my band
I love certain special intelligent individuals who can make me smile
I love the drop-outs of human society because they are different

I love them all intensely and with a never-ending passion which burns like a raging fire inside my soul... my love is wider than the horizon and brighter than the sun...
My love is constant and will never burn out untill my heart stops and my bones grow cold...

I am able to love so strongly and unconditionally because I realise deep down inside that I really really really Hate 99% of the entire evil destructive, ignorant, selfcentred and stupidly cruel human-monkey race who are out there destroying and hurting those who are precious to me...

Life is Yin Yang... If you know no hate, you know no love...
Where is the love?... exactly where it should be! 
with those who deserve it! 

Greenthingz and lots and lots of EARTH LOVE!
Shaman Steve Sic