What a lovely spring we are having!

17 Apr 2024

The weather was great, 30 degrees centigrade, working half-naked in the hot sun, planting crops , digging gardens, hauling wood, all the fruit trees were in full bloom, the insects and the MANY beez buzzing,

beautifull!, wonderfull healing sunshine was flooding the land

Then the non-existant, totally fictitious, “conspiracy-theory” weather engineering machine went to full power again and the temperature dropped by 30 degrees.

just like that

But because it was “predicted” by the Rockefeller weather institutes it’s all perfectly fine…

Just stay asleep and trust in Greta and the “global elites”
get a Tesla , go vegan and and get a sex-change…and the world will be saved…

It’s not a huge conspiracy by the United fecking Zionist Nations to destroy what’s left of our world and it’s free people at all.

So… Now in our beautifull Savinska valley, all the blossoms are fucked, there will be no abundant crop of fruit (again)…
The farmers and free-holders that are struggling to survive will be that much closer to total collapse.

But, hey! the climate agenda , the multi billionaires, the airplane industry ,the totalitarian world health control and the digital currency are doing great!


Enjoy your spring, and help me to hope that maybe, just maybe..
all those blind, asleep, passive, mindcontrolled zombies out there will one day


Greenthingz and severly compromised realities
Shaman Steve Sic