Where did spring go?

11 May 2017

(Climate Change)

We have been following the crispy green beginning of spring all the way North for more than a month now. We had the honour and priveledge to See the awakening of Life on this beautifull planet.
Starting All the way from our little forest home n Holland , up through Germany to its far north, up through Denmark and Sweden, up to Norway...
It was a beautifull experience of growing leaves and sleepy bugs and molting mammals and indescribable emotion and landscape. Visiting friends along the way, simply awesome!

Only... now winter has suddenly
Returned for a quick deadly reprise in May! 
Freezing the young buds
Killing the bugs, severly compromising the new Life...

Our planet , our world has been changed... by greedy humans
and It is just something we will all have to learn to live with,
The human race has changed the climate,if you want to see it or not.
Apparently this is called progress ;-)

Nothing is Sacred...
Only Nature

Peace and (cold) greenthingz!