The wonderfull Power of 'the Hand-written Letter"...

27 Feb 2023

Hello YOU...

So you're here again? That's great!
I like to know that you are here with me, reading these words...

I am not writing so much on this web page (for many reasons I will go into in an other blog), but that doesn't mean I'm not writing at all....

I write letters nowadays!

Because I have re-discovered the wonderfull joys of correspondence by Letter!

"Letters" know what they are?
That''s the way people communicated over distance before all the interNET and "Social" Medea sucked everyone's brain and soul out through their eyeballs.

I wrote my postal-adress here on this webpage a few weeks ago, so some sweet, brave people have taken the opportunity to write me, to share some stories and to ask me some questions...

Actual life, actual people, communicating through paper and ink...

And the simple joy it brings to see a physical, handwritten letter arrive, delivered by the hand of our steadfast Slovenian postman, is something I thought I would never feel again!

When a letter for us arrives,
I take my time to sit comfortably,
without distractions,
to focus on the message, fashioned by a living hand,
driven by a living mind, who took the time to send me a message "the personal way".

I love letters, because they are physical,
A letter you can hold,
you can keep,
it is more than the sum of the words it contains,
it shows the handwriting of the sender which is part of the spirit' of the writer...

The message and the feeling of a letter remain long after the time when you 'wrote'it

...unlike something tippy-tappied on an energy draining 'key-board' on a parasite owned-WEB-medium (like this) where the words appear as illusions in light for a moment and then dissipate almost immediately,
to be replaced by more images and words to spell-bind you (mind-porn).

For instance, if I would write something here every single day, you wouldn't even know or care what I was talking about two weeks ago ... You'd forget... oh how easily we all forget!
Information is cheap in Babylon!

We try to retain a little bit of contact with some of our old friends through the digitevil tech web.
We do this rarely because we broke our addiction to handheld devices and only use the web machines rarely these days, so now we only talk to them on our (wired) computer through the social-medium of "telegram" ...

And even there, with just a handfull of people we "talk" to...
It is still hard to keep up the thread of conversation and not forget half of all that is messaged,
because it's like "mopping-up water while the tap is still running"
("dweilen met de kraan open" they say in Holland).

Our monkey brains cannot cope with that much info...

Now that "communication" has become so "easy" and "open" to everybody,
we are living in a real-life Babel where nobody really understands each other anymore
and "information" and "truth" are presented to us as being:

"a flowing changeable amorphous mass that is open to any kind of interpretation"

 words have become cheap...
 information is mostly meaningless...
 what you say today is forgotten tomorrow...


For instance :
I still have many letters written by my dear old Mum (who died many years ago)
And when I re-read her letters to me and I see her beautifull old-dutch-school hand writing with the curly "g" and weird looking "t" , spelling out the words:

"My dearest Steven" or "My darling son"  

then I just hear her kind voice and see her smiling face and feel the gentle touch of her hand as if she was still here... right in front of me... and she lives again...
in that old letter.

A Letter and the words and meanings it contains, keeps it's power
Letters have the potential to last several lifetimes...
Letters often outlive the writer...

unlike these clumsy words I write here now,
on this obscure little webpage
that YOU are now reading.

Happily for her,  my mother died before the world got to the present bullshit age we now inhabit.

She never had to use the thrice cursed internet ,
she never sent endless emails or wassaps
or "whatever-the-fuck-else-hipster-shit-with-stickers-and-fucking-moving-emoticons-app-stuff"...

My Mum just wrote letters...

So now I have the time and the life for it again,
I have dusted down my writing gear,
I have re-stocked my calligraphy nibs,
I have refilled my ink supply
and I have started to write letters again too!

I enjoy the ones that some of YOU have sent me. Thanx for that!
I always reply them and answer the questions if I can (although it might take a while sometimes).

And if YOU want, you can write me too:
I will secretly put my postal adress here again for those of you who are still reading:

Steve Sic
Florjan pri gornjem gradu 14
3342 Gornji Grad

Write to me and Ask me whatever you like,
I love answering questions because I have waaaaay too much knowledge in my brain that I like to share...
and I truly like to help others wherever and whenever I can.
so bring it on, no subject is taboo for me, I have no shame and no fear because I am free.

Hugs and greenthingz

ps: to the question:
"can I come and visit you and Jenny at TERRA OMNIA?"
you will have to provide some extra info about yourself, your practical skills and about how you view the world, because we are very particular about the artists and other people we allow to come here (useless consumer-blobs, zombies and sleepwalkers just take too much of our energy to start any form of conversation or education...).