Yogi Jenny :-)

5 Apr 2018

Do YOU do Yoga or sports?
Or do you have another way to stay fit? Pics please! ;-)


Hi Guys, here is how I stay fit. First, I got rid of all stress. I do art and I love Nature more than man. I work the land and the land works me. Everything we need is in Nature, all of science, all of technology, all health, and fitness. One thing I remember my artist friend saying is "He hasn't skipped enough meals". So in the beginning I skipped meals and cut the portions in half. I am building a food forest and I am attempting to become self sufficient in the desert with very little water. I want to grow my own food. I am so glad I found you and all the folks who play music with real truth in it, Nature. How do I post a few pics to this?

Hello! I spent years training to play roller derby - which is even harder than it looks ;) - but I decided to slow down a year or so after returning from an injury and "Homo shErectus" has hung up their skates, for now at least. Who knows.

Now, I continue my life-long meditation practice and spend time in nature as often as I can. I love to get out into the Sierra Nevada mountains near my California city... and sometimes I can go further to the Redwoods, or Santa Cruz.

I am going up into the forest to hike later this morning, and I am elated! My dad is leading the way this time, but I am hoping (as always) to find a new place to spend time in contemplation somewhere along the path.

I am also renewing my commitment to my yoga practice, right here, right now. :D

Thanks for the inspiration, here and in the music you create. I am so grateful to have found you all, as if my wandering, seeking heart has grown that much closer to home.

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