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Things to do when the world's gone mad

15 Mar 2020

We suddenly have a lot of time on our hands because it seems that it's dangerous to meet with people? Nothing new there! ;)

So, We are happily filling this free time with reading in the sun, playing with the cat and chilling a lot.
But gosh? What a weird abstract fantasy scenario this is...?

It seems strange that eventhough influenza, (which includes MANY different corona flu viruses) claims around 650.000 human lives each year, no fun, but that's always been kind of "fine" until now.

I'm joker

12 Mar 2020

I'm a smoker
I'm a midnight toker...


10 Mar 2020

I have been avoiding connecting to the internet lately because I'm so terribly afraid of being infected and catching the highly contagious and suuuuuper deadly corona virus virus that is slaying millions world wide!

Jenny and me have even stopped drinking ALL types of mexican beer as a precaution... just in case!

I mean... the numbers are shocking!! Look at this:

3287 deaths per day worldwide!!

That's 1.25 million death per year!!!


29 Feb 2020

Only Work to stay Alive
You're not Alive to Only Work!

Greenz and Relaaaaaax!


27 Feb 2020

Come summer heat
Or winter cold
It's good to have
someone to hold...

Peace and love in the snow

Home is where the Hearth is :)

24 Feb 2020

A fireplace is just so comfortable and relaxed,especially when it's your only form of heat to drive off the cold.
Living here , feeling the land live, breathe and change around us, makes us feel cradled within a green embrace.

We swear to take care of this piece of mother Nature and She in her generosity takes care of us...
For instance with this wonderfull fire! A timeless energy where you can reconnect with all your ancestors as well as the primal forces of life itself :)

I love fire...
And the fire loves me...

ART!! What is it's purpose?

19 Feb 2020

What has become of Art in our modern consumer world?

To many modern "Artists" it is merely a way of expressing how totally brilliant they themselves are (most Artists are complete ego-junkies who get way too much praise which is unhealthy for their poor little minds)... hahaha!

To many tricksy-clever business people disguised as "Artists" it is a way to turn something intrinsically worthless into something which is marketable for a lot of money.